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Shows the number of different IRQs received by the kernel. High disk or network traffic can cause a high number of interrupts (with good hardware and drivers this will be less so). Sudden high interrupt activity with no associated higher system activity is not normal.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
2-edge timer i0 derive     Interrupt 0, for device(s): 2-edge timer
1-edge i8042 i1 derive     Interrupt 1, for device(s): 1-edge i8042
4-edge serial i4 derive     Interrupt 4, for device(s): 4-edge serial
6-edge floppy i6 derive     Interrupt 6, for device(s): 6-edge floppy
8-edge rtc0 i8 derive     Interrupt 8, for device(s): 8-edge rtc0
9-fasteoi acpi i9 derive     Interrupt 9, for device(s): 9-fasteoi acpi
10-fasteoi virtio3, virtio0 i10 derive     Interrupt 10, for device(s): 10-fasteoi virtio3, virtio0
11-fasteoi uhci_hcd:usb1 i11 derive     Interrupt 11, for device(s): 11-fasteoi uhci_hcd:usb1
12-edge i8042 i12 derive     Interrupt 12, for device(s): 12-edge i8042
14-edge ata_piix i14 derive     Interrupt 14, for device(s): 14-edge ata_piix
15-edge ata_piix i15 derive     Interrupt 15, for device(s): 15-edge ata_piix
49152-edge virtio1-config i24 derive     Interrupt 24, for device(s): 49152-edge virtio1-config
49153-edge virtio1-input.0 i25 derive     Interrupt 25, for device(s): 49153-edge virtio1-input.0
49154-edge virtio1-output.0 i26 derive     Interrupt 26, for device(s): 49154-edge virtio1-output.0
65536-edge virtio2-config i27 derive     Interrupt 27, for device(s): 65536-edge virtio2-config
65537-edge virtio2-req.0 i28 derive     Interrupt 28, for device(s): 65537-edge virtio2-req.0
98304-edge virtio4-config i29 derive     Interrupt 29, for device(s): 98304-edge virtio4-config
98305-edge virtio4-requests i30 derive     Interrupt 30, for device(s): 98305-edge virtio4-requests
114688-edge virtio5-config i31 derive     Interrupt 31, for device(s): 114688-edge virtio5-config
114689-edge virtio5-requests i32 derive     Interrupt 32, for device(s): 114689-edge virtio5-requests
131072-edge virtio6-config i33 derive     Interrupt 33, for device(s): 131072-edge virtio6-config
131073-edge virtio6-requests i34 derive     Interrupt 34, for device(s): 131073-edge virtio6-requests
147456-edge virtio7-config i35 derive     Interrupt 35, for device(s): 147456-edge virtio7-config
147457-edge virtio7-requests i36 derive     Interrupt 36, for device(s): 147457-edge virtio7-requests
Non-maskable interrupts iNMI derive     Interrupt NMI, for device(s): Non-maskable interrupts
Local timer interrupts iLOC derive     Interrupt LOC, for device(s): Local timer interrupts
Spurious interrupts iSPU derive     Interrupt SPU, for device(s): Spurious interrupts
Performance monitoring interrupts iPMI derive     Interrupt PMI, for device(s): Performance monitoring interrupts
IRQ work interrupts iIWI derive     Interrupt IWI, for device(s): IRQ work interrupts
APIC ICR read retries iRTR derive     Interrupt RTR, for device(s): APIC ICR read retries
Rescheduling interrupts iRES derive     Interrupt RES, for device(s): Rescheduling interrupts
Function call interrupts iCAL derive     Interrupt CAL, for device(s): Function call interrupts
TLB shootdowns iTLB derive     Interrupt TLB, for device(s): TLB shootdowns
Thermal event interrupts iTRM derive     Interrupt TRM, for device(s): Thermal event interrupts
Threshold APIC interrupts iTHR derive     Interrupt THR, for device(s): Threshold APIC interrupts
Deferred Error APIC interrupts iDFR derive     Interrupt DFR, for device(s): Deferred Error APIC interrupts
Machine check exceptions iMCE derive     Interrupt MCE, for device(s): Machine check exceptions
Machine check polls iMCP derive     Interrupt MCP, for device(s): Machine check polls
ERR iERR derive      
MIS iMIS derive      
Posted-interrupt notification event iPIN derive     Interrupt PIN, for device(s): Posted-interrupt notification event
Posted-interrupt wakeup event iPIW derive     Interrupt PIW, for device(s): Posted-interrupt wakeup event